Hi, I'm Alyssa!

An East Los Angeles native and UC Santa Barbara Communication student. I’ve found a passion for Product Management and shepherding products that people want, before they want them. In my free time, I am a foodie. I will travel high and low to try something new. I also love vintage shopping and taking dance classes.

Tools Expertness

Figma 90%

Photoshop 70%

Illustrator 80%

Google Suite 100%

Canva 75%


Basic HTML, CSS, and SQL

In creating this website, I learned the basics of HTML and CSS. Additionally, I took a beginner course in SQL.

Agile Methodologies

Experience in project management, working in fast-paced, iterative phases.


Experience in creating and pushing along tickets in collaboration with Engineers.

Google Analytics

Experience in analyzing Marketing campaign data and strategizing next steps.

Cross-team collaboration

Advanced in working with internal and external teams to accomplish a unified goal.

User Interviews

Experience in user-interviewing, as well as conducting usability tests. Proficient in speaking with customers to obtain data.


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