RPA Advertising

One of the core components of my Digital Product Strategy Internship at RPA was a case study. This project was intened to get me thinking strategically about digital products and the importance of validating your assumptions in the product development cycle.

  • The Challenge: Alter an existing digital product to improve user satisfaction
  • Timeline:September 2021-December 2021
  • Research

I started off this project by brainstorming products I use that I wish could be improved. Apple Music is my go to listening platform, despite the knowledge that Spotify's features provide much more value and delight. More specifically, I felt that Apple Music needed to improve their music curation and reccomendations, an area that Spotify excels in.

Apple Music Stations is a radio-like feature that creates personalized and on-demand music suggestion playlists. What could be wrong with that? There is, actually, no way to save or organize stations. When you listen to a station, it gets disposed of in "Recently Played." As you listen to more music, the station eventually gets push out of view. I needed to validate this problem, though. I took to the Internet to find that Stations was, in fact, causing major frustration. There were many forums and blog posts asking "What is up with Apple Music stations?" Additionally, I took a poll to survey how often music listeners were using Stations. If they didn't use Apple Music, where were they finding new tunes?

  • My Proposal

Stations, Redesigned is for music lovers and casual listeners alike. This new version of Apple Music Stations would be available as a Library Category option, meaning just as you can select "Genres" to appear on your Apple Music homescreen, so would Stations. This allows for quick and easy access. Stations also provides an area for your "Loved" songs to go. As you listen to a Station and hear a song you like, you can "heart" it, without downloading, to return to it later. Lastly, Stations creates a customizable reccomendation experience. Stations are refreshed daily based on your listening history.

  • Wireframing and Prototyping

I began by looking at competitors like Spotify and Pandora, as well as looking at previous iTunes UI. ITunes provided me with a lot of inspiration. I pulled heavily from the use of horizontal scrolling and album cover visuals. I felt that returning back to some of the old visuals would feel nostalgic and familiar to users.

High-fidelity wireframing, where designs to a more accurate form, was my favorite part. It was very exciting seeing my idea come to life. This was where I did my best to replicate the already existing Apple Music experience, as well as create my own Stations experience. Following hi-fi, I created a prototype for live interaction and put together a slide deck. I presented this case to the Product team at RPA Advertising.

Check out my protoype here!