During my Media internship with Mindshare, I had the opportunity of competeing in Battle of the Interns, a marketing case study battle between groups of interns. My group consisted of 7 interns, spread all across the US. We utilized Zoom and remote working to complete this project.

  • The Challenge: Cement Totino's Pizza Rolls in teen culture, with gaming as an entry point.
  • My role:I led the research of defining a "gamer." I also researched teen use on Snapchat.
  • Timeline:June 2021-August 2021
  • Research

Our first step was to look at what we currently know. The team researched current Totino's partnerships, to find that there is already some progress in the gaming industry. Totino's has already made their mark as a quick and easy snack, but we needed to figure out how we can make it the gaming snack.

Additionally, "screenagers" are marked as digital natives, trendsetters, and creators. They live online, but are especially resistant to traditional advertising. Screenagers are our target audience to cement Totino's in teen gaming culture.

  • What We Found

Gaming is so intertwined with culture now. Gamers no longer look or act a certain way. Where as gamers used to be known as a younger audience, 72% of gamers are now 18+. We defined gamers as hardcore, midcore, and casual to further break down our audience. The three pillars used to center our campaign were: interactivity, exclusivity, and authenticity. Gaming is an interactive medium that engages. Gamers also really enjoy feeling included and apart of something exclusive. Lastly, it's important for all of this to come off as authentic and real.

  • The Campaign

The team chose 3 forms of media to utilize: social media, streaming video, and streaming audio, On social media, we know that Tiktok is currently very hot. On Tiktok, we wanted to utilize User Generated Content via the TikTok Creator Marketplace. This is an easy place to pay creators for their ads. Snapchat also continues to capture the younger demographic. With paid placement on these apps, we will meet the user where they already are. Streaming services, specifically Hulu, will also advertise to keep Totino's top of mind. Lastly, Spotify serves as a unique way to connect. Through carefully curated playlists, Totino's will surprise the listeners and capture them in an environment they don't expect.

The team put this information together in a slide deck to be judged to over 100 Mindshare employees. To our delight, my team won 1st place!