SB Creative Lab

The Winter Projects Team at SBCL, a club on my campus, gave me the opportunity to dip my toes into design. I learned the full design process, working in a team of 5, and left with my first project.

  • The Challenge : Redesign the SB MTD Bus Tracker app to improve the functionl experience
  • My role: Favorites
  • Timeline: January 2022-March 2022
  • Research

Competitive research is crucial for design. The team looked at Google Maps, Transit, Wanderu, and many more to observe how they intuitively design a navigation app. We noted things we liked, didn't like, and surpising features.

Even more crucial is user interviews. The team conducted interview sessions with 20 SB residents to understand how they navigate the bus system and how to improve app efficiency. We found, not to much surprise, that users didn't enjoy using SB MTD Bus Tracker. They put up with the bad UX because it was necessity, but did wish for a better experience. User painpoints included innaccurate bus times, no notification system, uncertainty about bus direction, and no live bus view.

  • Ideation

Post research, the team began brainstorming and ideating designs. We knew there were some primary features to incude: accurate bus times, capacity viewing, and bus direction. With these features, we individually created wireframes to allow for creative freedom. We brought them back to eachother to see how we could integrate them all. The next step was mid-fi wireframes, where we refined uncertainty and defined what was feasible. We worked together on Figma to put some color to our ideas. My role was the favorites system. Favorites allows you to save bus lines, so that they are easy and quick to access. Instead of having to search a frequented bus each time, you can favorite it.

  • Prototyping

The last step in design is prototyping, or creating an interactive mock app. We pulled inspiration from competitors to provide a familiar experience to the user. Some features we replicated are the search bar, live-mode, and additional resources. The whole experience is new, from sign-on to live bus tracking and notifications. The new SB MTD has sleeker and more intuitive UI. It is easy to navigate because it acts how you would expect. This is necessary for a resource app. As a designer, completely rethinking a necessity can have too steep of a learning curve, resulting in low adoption.

At the end of this project, we presented our work to the SBCL Team and the other Winter Projects Team. It was very rewarding to have our work be acknowledged and see everything come to life.

Check out our protoype here!