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Alyssa, what’s your favorite product?

Ah..the long-awaited, always-asked “favorite product” question.

When I first started interviewing for Product roles, my answer to this questions was always something generic — a product I thought I could give a good answer to. I hadn’t put much thought into what my favorite product really was.

I’m going to use my favorite product, Recipe Keeper, to give three tips on how to shine with the favorite product question!

  1. Passion
    • I absolutely love the app Recipe Keeper. Recipe Keeper is an app that stores inputted recipes, allows for shopping list organization, and meal planning. I use Recipe Keeper every single week to plan ahead and even paid for the $10 free version!
  2. Key Differentiators
    • What differentiates Recipe Keeper from the multitude of other recipe saving apps is that it truly is an all in one application for recipe storage and meal planning. In the app, you can import recipes from other sites, scale serving sizes, create Cook Books, and much more.
  3. Room for Improvement
    • The feature that I feel needs improvement, given Recipe Keepers goal, user segments, and pain points, is the Meal Planner feature. The meal planner allows users to view and plan a weekly or monthly meal schedule. For each day, users can “Add meals” to plan ahead what recipe they will be using from their collection. Users who grow tired of the meals they have saved will turn to other products, such as Pinterest or Google, for recipes. 

The Recipe Keeper app

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