5 Ways I Would Improve Apple Music Stations

Have you noticed that Apple Music’s Stations feature is…horrible? You’re not alone. Here’s how I would improve the feature, shown in a prototype walkthrough. Stations on Apple Music is a feature that creates personalized and on-demand music suggestion playlists. The major issue with this feature is there is no way to save or organize your … Read more5 Ways I Would Improve Apple Music Stations

Alyssa, what’s your favorite product?

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Ah..the long-awaited, always-asked “favorite product” question. When I first started interviewing for Product roles, my answer to this questions was always something generic — a product I thought I could give a good answer to. I hadn’t put much thought into what my favorite product really was. I’m going to use my favorite product, Recipe … Read moreAlyssa, what’s your favorite product?