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Tech Talks: Daniel Behrman @ Meta

Fellow Gaucho, Daniel Behrman, took the time to chat with me about his journey (and more) to Meta. Daniel Behrman has seen some sh*t! He’s been a Product Manager at Amazon & T-Mobile, entrepreneur, and now in Product Marketing at Meta. In our 30 minute tech talk, Daniel gave me some meaty advice as a new-grad looking to break into tech.
  1. Shipped projects look best.
    • Try to leave all projects with something tangible. That could be a side project, intern project, or a team you were apart of shortly. Shipping a product looks best in the hiring process, so try to be a part of at least one feature.
  2. Learn some coding.
    • Daniel recommended, engineers or not, learn coding for app development. More specifically, he suggested learning Swift for Apple application development or Android application development. Behrman leaned towards learning Android’s programming language, though, because it is universal across devices. 

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