Tech Talks: Tyler Vickers @ Discord

Another Gaucho to the rescue. Tyler Vickers sat down with me to talk about Product Management at Discord.

Tyler started off in SEO — a long way from Product Management. He made his way into PM with a lot of luck and perseverance. Tyler shared a few of the most important qualities to convey, when interviewing for Product Management roles specifically for Discord.

  1. People Leadership:
    • As an interviewee, you must show that you know how to lead a team. More importantly, you need to convey that you can lead across teams (engineering, design, marketing) without losing velocity. This means that your leadership doesn’t slow down or lose impact throughout the product development process.
  2. Operational Leadership:
    • As a PM, you must communicate how you face obstacle. What do you do? What is your process? How do you rally your team when facing an obstacle? While interviewing, it’s important to keep the team top of mind, but still put yourself first.
  3. Thought Leadership:
    • This last point has to do with your ability to tell a story and influence the operational importance and overall product strategy. A PM must lead with storytelling and creativity to overcome obstacles.
    • Tyler really emphasized the importance of confidence during the interviewing process. If you believe in yourself, others will too.

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